Intialize Network

What is needed to initialize HSMM network?

Basic Off-The-Shelf equipment will work with HSMM, one thing to remember is to find equipment that have external antenna jacks available (one of the most common type of antenna connectors in use is R-SMA).

  • The Linksys WRT54G is one gateway that is mentioned as a being a good choice because of its expandibility. Newer options are now available that will make it easier to create expandable networks.
  • Consider a high-gain parabolic dish antenna for point-to-point links
  • When possible mount all the RF equipment as close to the antenna and use POE (Power over Ethernet) to limit cable signal loss.
HSMM 802.11(a),(b),(g) under FCC Part 97.311
802.11(a)12 Channels Non-Overlapping5.650 – 5.925 GHzOFDM1500 W PEP
802.11(b)8 Channels Overlapping2.390 – 2.450 GHzDSSS10 W PEP (1)
802.11(g)8 Channels Overlapping2.390 – 2.417 GHzOFDM1500 W PEP
802.11(n)8 Channels Overlapping2.390 – 2.417 GHzOFDM1500 W PEP
OFDM : Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
DSSS : Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
(1) per FCC Part 97.313(j) pending publication in the Federal Register (4MAR 2011)
Note: 802.11(a) & 802.11(g)  OFDM is not defined as being spread spectrum.